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No telephone - No problem!

In Verizon areas we can set you up with a "dry loop", a telephone line with no telephone service. You save $35 a month or more.

Standalone service is available in Verizon areas only.

ATT will not permit standalone service.

No contract - No problem!

We generally don't require term contracts. Service is month to month.

No bundle - No problem!

You don't need a bundle or a telephone line to get DSL service with Brand X Internet.

No bogus fees! No fake taxes!

Switch to Brand X DSL, where Verizon area pricing starts at $25 a month. AT&T area pricing starts at $22 a month.

$22 a month means $22 a month. There are no "special" fees and no phony taxes added on your bill.

Give us a call at 310 395 5500 and we will be happy to answer your questions.


Washington Post: AT&T Fined $100 Million for slowing down their 'Unlimited Data'.

Forbes: Why your phone bill keeps increasing

LA Times: Verizon increases prices again for telephone service..

DSL Reports: Verizon announced across the board price increases for dsl.

Official Notice: Verizon has stopped permitting Standalone DSL for their own customers.

Forcing you to buy a service you don't want is a price increase.

According to the Economist 700,000 Americans cancel their landlines each year.

Brand X Fights for Consumer Choice

Brand X Internet has been agressive in fighting for consumer choice.

We took the FCC to the Supreme Court challenging regulations that allowed the telephone companies to grab control of the Internet from the companies and research organizations that originally built it.

The phone companies won round one, but the battle isn't over. We believe "network neutrality" can be achieved only through real competition. Single source internet is a bad plan, no matter how you regulate it. Nobody has every voted on these issue, but we believe when the voice of the American people is heard, competition will be the rule.

Watch the video: Al Franken and Sonia Sotomayer discuss the Brand X Supreme Court Case

How much speed do I need?

We offer speeds fromf 3/4 megabits to 7.1 megabits.

For day to day web browsing, email and facebook even our cheapest service, with 3/4 of a megabit, will work just fine.

The most popular speed is 3 megabits. This is good for people who like to use Netflix and Youtube and play most games.

Viewers who want to watch high definition video may want to get a faster line with 5 megabits or 7 megabits. This is a really fast line.

It's also a dedicated line, so unlike with the cable company, you aren't sharing the same line with 2,000 other people in your neighborhood. You should be able to get good speed at any time of day because your neighbor's usage doesn't affect your speed.

We usually refer customers who want to know more about video speed and internet requirements to the Netflix page on this subject, which is found at


Brand X Internet

High Speed DSL Internet Access.

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